March 9, 2024

How Green Ship Recycling Industry Can Save The Environment

The ship recycling industry has become an integral part of the global economy, with a direct impact on employment, revenue, and raw material supply. The uphill […]
February 20, 2024

How Ageing Ships Benefits The Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

Ships at the end of their lifecycle become a treasure trove of metal scrap, highly valuable in the global steel market. The revenue generated from selling […]
February 8, 2024

How to Recycle an Old Vessel: Safely and Sustainably

Shipbreaking is an elaborate process comprising several stages and steps. The presence of hazardous substances and lack of safety measures make it difficult to comply with […]
January 24, 2024

Why do We Encourage More Ship Owners for Green Ship Recycling

The ship recycling industry has been a dependable way of disposing of the aging global shipping fleet. Many steps have been taken to make the whole […]
December 7, 2023

Forging a Sustainable Future: Understanding Green Steel through Ship Recycling in India

India has evolved to be a major player in the ship recycling industry. In the heart of India’s ship recycling industry, a transformative wave is reshaping […]
November 24, 2023

Navigating Sustainability: Ship Recycling in India and the Circular Economy

The circular economy is a model that aims to minimize waste in production and consumption. One way to change how ships are recycled is by using […]
October 3, 2023

The Evolution of Alang: The Largest Ship Recycling Yard in the World

The ship recycling journey of Alang shipbreaking yard commenced in the early 1980s, and from 1983 to 2023, it has embarked on a remarkable path. Situated […]
September 9, 2023

Ship Dismantling and Pre-cleaning of Ships

Ship Dismantling and Pre-cleaning of Ships– The dismantling of ships is a global activity. Probably the first one to face challenges of waste management, the shipping […]
September 4, 2023

Occupational Safety of Ship Breaking Worker

Occupational Safety of Ship Breaking Workers – The average life of a ship is 20 – 25 years. Without the shipbreaking industry, the significant number of […]