Hazard identification, assessment and control are key elements of an effective environmental, health and safety system. Not only are they key parts of a health and safety program; they are also required by law under the Occupational Health and Safety Code. Armed with knowledge about our hazards we can then raise awareness of the impact of our operations and make informed decisions to effectively eliminate or reduce our risks. Control measures that are put in place to protect health and safety should be regularly reviewed to make sure that they remain effective.

RL Kalthia has established and utilized procedures to:
  • Prevent explosions, fires, and other unsafe conditions by ensuring that Safe for hot work conditions and procedures are established, maintained and monitored throughout Ship Recycling.
  • Prevent harm from dangerous atmospheres and other unsafe conditions by ensuring that safe for entry conditions and procedures are established, maintained, and monitored in ship spaces, including confined spaces and enclosed spaces, throughout Ship Recycling.
  • Prevent other accidents, occupational diseases and injuries or other adverse effects on human health and the environment.
  • Prevent spills or emissions throughout Ship Recycling, which may cause harm to human health and/or the environment.