R.L.Kalthia Ship Breaking Private Limited has moral, professional and legal obligations to assure protection of people’s health& safety, minimize its environmental impact and to be prepared for incidents and emergencies. One can only live up to this commitment if any activity carried out is organised and planned in a systematic way, that is why we have a HSE Management System in place for so many years already. We emphasise the Safety & Assurance core Value as our top priority.

At RL Kalthia Ship Breaking Pvt. Ltd., occupational health, safety of employee and protection of environment is our prime concern and important business objective. We are conscious of our responsibility towards creating, maintaining and ensuring safe and clean environment; reduce health and safety hazards through application of efficient technology and safe work practices for sustainable development.

We are committed to:
  • Prevention of industrial risk rather than detection I rectification and its adverse impact on the environment.
  • Follow safe work practices and continually improve the effectiveness of system.
  • Creating an environment of teamwork as well as increase the system awareness to all employees.
  • Conserve natural resources by their responsible and efficient use in all our operations.
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as take any additional measures considered necessary.
  • Preserve the health, safety and the environment of site and its neighborhood.
  • Transport the products safely
  • Make this policy available to the public